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Striving to maintain the health, nobility and versatility of the German Shepherd Dog.

In 2003 I began my journey of learning the German Shepherd Dog world. I first researched and sought out people who had been in the German Shepherd Dog breeding, show, and training arena. I was unbelievably fortunate to have found mentors with experiences I could only dream of, and the willingness to share their knowledge and experience with me. My first GSD was Saxon vom tal der Schatten from Jennifer Aguilar in Whitesboro, TX. He was a special dog, and embodied all that I strive to produce in my breeding.

In 2005 I had the great fortune to meet one of the most experienced and knowledgeable trainers in the world of dogs. It was then that I met Steve House. At the time, I had no idea how much impact he would have on my endeavor, but I am forever grateful to him for his patience, and for being so generous with his time, knowledge, and experience. I trained under his mentoring for nearly 10 years. Every single time I worked with him I learned something new. He is a wealth of knowledge. He has traveled the world, training, competing, and learning himself. Even after over 30+ years, he understands that there is no point at which you know it all. 

I work each dog that I intend to breed. I have strong and honest trainers evaluate character, heart, strengths and weaknesses, and I believe this type of assessment is essential in a breeding program. There is no perfect dog, but it is important to have an honest evaluation of a breeding dog in order to try to match them appropriately.


About Us

At Von der Koenig Haus we strive to produce what we consider to be the complete German Shepherd Dog. Our ideal German Shepherd Dog is a stable, sound, versatile working dog that can easily and readily adapt to different environments and still perform its required tasks, as well as be a family guardian.


Saxon vom tal der Schatten


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